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Does your Swimming Pool Tile & Stone need cleaning from calcium deposits?

Rick's Pool Service Inc. can get it done!

Our company has noticed the demand for Tile & Stone cleaning In this area. Water Hardness is a measurement of the amount of calcium and magnesium in your pool. Generally about 70%-75% of the total hardness of your pool is calcium. Completely soft water without hardness is undesirable in a pool because the water tends to be corrosive. Too much calcium in your pool is undesirable. Due to the hardness of the water (in particular calcium hardness) it can form a buildup of calcium and other minerals on tile & stone.

Total hardness for swimming Pools in PPM (Parts per Million) 80-500ppm(max)
Total hardness for swimming Pools in GPG (Grains per Gallon) 7.5- 35gpg(max)

Our company has purchased the necessary equipment to get the calcium off the tile & stone. This process is done by using micro-media that are blasted at the tile and stone through a highly pressurized blasting pot. The preferred method for removing calcium is by using micro-glass beads.



Give us a call and we'll be happy to come out and take a look at your Pool Tile & Stone!

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