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Pool Maintenance

Regular, Thorough cleaning will help to maintain efficient operation and lengthen the life of the pool and it's equipment. We thoroughly check your equipment as part of your regular cleaning procedure. Correcting small problems as they arise often prevents costly repairs.

Poor water condition will deteriorate and cause damage to surface of pool as well as equipment. Regular chemical maintenance and a clean filter should keep your water sparkling clean, crystal clear and ready for another week of use.

Full Service- Maintenance & Chemicals weekly

Test Water and adjust for proper chemical balance
Skim Surface
Vacuum (when necessary)
Empty skimmer Baskets
Empty pump basket
Clean Pool sweep - bag/screen
Check filter pressure
Check for leaks
Check Equipment

Chemical Service- Weekly

Test Water and adjust for proper chemical balance
Check for leaks
Check equipment
Check pressure on filter and advise customer if filter clean or backwashing is needed.

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